Covid 19 

We are excited to confirm that after Government advice we will be able to recommence teaching at the beginning of August with our stage 1 return. 

Stage 1 return 

This will be a return to teaching private lessons only. There will be a risk assessment conducted for each site that we use for teaching which will in turn be shared with the hall owners/committee and also you our customers. The feeling in the dance and leisure industry is that this could be early to mid July. 

Stage 2 return 

When our governing bodies, the IDTA, ISTD and BDC have advised us that we are able to proceed, along with best advice from the Government, we will open classes. We envisage that there will be a restriction on numbers but this is as yet to be decided. Again there will be a risk assessment to take into account the changes that will need to take place to protect everyone from Covid 19 as best as we can. 

Stage 3 return 

We envisage that it could be as late as October this year before we receive advice that we can recommence social activities. An amendment to the risk assessment for the previous 2 stages will be undertaken and shared with venues and attendees alike.  
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